Apr 082010

The number one reason why you get a email delivery error is because there is a typo in the email address or the email address does not exist. The amount of time I have ripped the mail system apart trying to find the problem only to have somebody walk up behind me and point out that the email address is spelt wrong. It’s very easy to see what you want to see, so double check those email addresses.

The second reason is that you have been Blacklisted. Particularly over the last year there has been a massive increase in email related viruses. These viruses take control of your PC (In the background, unknown to you) and send out thousands of spam emails. When the mail servers on the Internet see all this spam coming from your PC they Blacklist you. Unfortunately it is not necessarily that easy to get yourself removed from the blacklist and you will probably need the help of a computer professional. The best way to prevent your email being blacklisted is to keep your anti virus software up to date.

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